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mchannas's Journal

15 April
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artjournal of acertainallure
Hanna, 16 year old korean girl born in Vienna, Austria. Loves shopping, watching movies, and doing photoshopping.
♥tv Grey's Anatomy. Scrubs. FRIENDS. Desperate Housewives. the OC. Monk. CSI Miami. Sex and the City.
♥beauties Kate Walsh. Keira Knightley. Gisele Bundchen. Adriana Lima. Izabel Goulart.
♥hotties KAKA'. Paolo Maldini. Adam Brody. Cristiano Ronaldo. Philipp Lahm. Patrick Dempsey. George Clooney. Pierce Brosnan. Cesc Fabregas. Andrea Pirlo. Yoann Gourcuff. Alessandro Nesta. Hugh Grant. Luis Figo. Michael Ballack. Fernando Torres. Cesc Fabregas. Robin Van Persie. Daniel Craig. Steven Gerrard. Xabi Alonso. Sergio Ramos.
The iconjournal of acertainallure.
My arts (mainly icons) will be posted here. I'm using Photoshop 7 since 3-4 years. ♥Fandoms Football. Pride&Prejudice. Beauties. Hotties. Football. Grey's Anatomy. the OC. moviestars.
♥1. No stealing, and saying the icon is made by you.
♥2. No editing of my icons. (textless icons are not bases.)
♥3. Credit mchannas or acertainallure.
♥4. Comment when taking icons!
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